Sunday, February 9, 2014

LDS Missionary/Military Moms Give-Away Rules

This information is for commercial vendors
who have something to donate for one of our give-aways.

In the past we held 2 give-aways per year, then because of the number of items being offered, changed to one each year. We have decided to discontinue annual or semi-annual give-aways and hold them during the year. We hope this will alleviate a lot of pressure on our time.

So, to the rules:

I. Your Part

If you have never participated in our Give-Away, you'll need to follow-through on these things so we know you are committed and won't rescind your offer to participate. That hasn't happened often, but enough so we need to protect ourselves and our group members from disappointment.

  • Send us the product or coupon for your service. We've had donators not follow-through. This is very difficult for the winners. In some cases the donor was repeatedly contacted without response. This can't happen, so we ask for the product up front. Please discuss this with us if this raises concerns. We understand that some prizes must be customized for the winner, such as bicycles, shoes, or other clothing.
  • We charge a $25 "entrance" fee for advertising your product. We are certain you understand what a great deal that is considering how many targeted recipients will receive information about, and an opportunity to win, your product or service. 
II. Our Part

We will send an email to our 12,500 subscribers announcing the beginning of the give-away, and one reminder a couple of days before the Give-Away expires to remind everyone. Your product or service will be discussed in those emails with a link to your site (please refer to our advertising page for advertiser rules at Give-Aways will typically last one week. We will offer one or more prizes per give-away.

If you have a product or service and would like to participate, please SEND EMAIL to Karl or Betty.

Thank You!

Karl: karlp AT OurLDSFamily DOT com
Betty: betty "ditto"

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Kathi Wensel said...

Thank you Betty and Karl for this wonderful blog spot.