Saturday, November 3, 2012

CNN Shows Some Of Our Missionaries!

Betty received an email from a Missionary Mom in North Carolina. Here's her email and the picture she sent. Hopefully this will give our MMs a good smile. It is awesome.

Here you go:

Dear Sister Pearson, 
I am attaching a picture that I snapped from CNN on tv. I know there are a lot of missionary moms dying to hear from their elders in the storm damaged northeastern missions. Just in case they missed this report on CNN this evening, I took a screen shot while a story from a Sister [redacted] was airing. She reported that FEMA and other assistance had not yet arrived but about 30 members from her church came to assist her in the cleanup of her home. Many of them had on Mormon Helping Hands t-shirts. It warmed my heart to see that many of them were missionaries! I am sure the report is probably available online as well. 
Kimberly [redacted] in NC
MM to Elder Logan [redacted],
Utah SLCW Mission, 7/2012 - 7/2014
 And the picture:

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