Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Sister Missionary Site

There was a time when it seemed that some young women didn't decide to serve missions unless it was their "last option" because there weren't any marriage plans "on the horizon." In almost every case, that just wasn't a fair assessment because, as in the case with our daughters, some felt strongly impressed to pray about whether they should serve, and got an answer that yes, they should. I'm not biased when I say, our daughters are very attractive, and they had to leave young men behind to serve. The stereotype wasn't true for them, and it's not true for any other sister, either.

But I digress.

In any case, and regardless of our thoughts and opinions of why or how the decision to serve was made then, that time is long gone and a lot of our wonderfu, great young women are preparing to serve. Now they can serve, graduate without the now extinct "wait until you are 21" disrupting their education at the most crucial "upper-class" time, and still be young and ready to marry without the societal pressures and fear of becoming what was ill-termed "old maid" or "spinster."

So, if you have a daughter preparing to serve a mission, or know anyone who does, I have helped Karl create a new website to help all these new Sister Missionaries better prepare. It's going to be a work in progress for a while, but you can see it now, then visit again to see what's changed.

It has several posts already with advice for preparing sister missionaries which we hope are very helpful. Click this link:

After the page loads scroll down and click on the titles to display the text.

After you read through the page maybe you have a suggestion. So, if you had/have a sister missionary and would like to add anything, please email me privately: Betty AT OurLDSFamily DOT com.

Thank you all!

Betty, List Owner
Remember, if you are a group member, or want to be, but are having problems, please get help from Karl, The Site Owner and Administrator here:

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